// SleepResearch_Facility

SleepResearch_Facility (sometimes abbreviated to SR_F or SRF) is a dark ambient artist from Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in sleep-conducive beatless ambient music which is both artistic as well as functional.

Sleep Research Facility explores notions of awareness and perception in the sub/unconcious listener. Focusing primarily on sound bereft of rhythm based energies, SRF(acility)’s goal is to provide listening environments wherein the music simply adds texture to the silence. SRF entertains the idea that music can forgoe notions of compositional architecture, resulting in noise which draws attention away from itself, leaving room for the listener to focus on other things (or, focus on nothing at all). SRF puts emphasis on these aesthetics in the search for a kind of “play me quiet” sound suitable for listening to actively or passively depending on circumstances, creating an aural experience which guides the mind through gentle misdirection rather than forcing its attention, allowing listeners to drift in their own diversified thoughts.